Monday, February 02, 2004

Sal's Corner

Since we are venturing into Black History Month, its a must that we show both sides of the story. See we as African Americans have accompished alot and we deserve this month. But alot of us still got some NIGGA in us. We rant and rave about discovering the peanut, the street light, and the tootsie roll (no not the candy but the dance!) But I just wanna show yall what NIGGAS do.

Niggas, they are the only people you know..........

*That'll stop eating at a restaurant after getting sick once, but will continue to throw up Remy every weekend

*That'll judge the average female on a tough scale but HIS girl look way worsa than the girl being judged

*That'll have a 2-way pager but no email address

*That'll go to college only to begin his first chapter of thug life

*That'll say they vegetarians but SMOKE all day. Hold up for a second. See let me tell yall something. I dont drink, nor do I smoke. Never have never will. But I eat pork, red meat, beef......whatever! And dudes look at me like "How could you eat that stuff" but they smoke weed??? I been eating swine since I was 1 or 2 years old. If you smoked weed and drank since you was 1 or 2 you'd be DEAD.

Anyway I just wanted to clear a few things up for this Black history month. Look forward to plenty of history moments that you never knew about being displayed here on "The Salvador Gabor Project". Now for our first history moment............

On this day in 1973, H.B. Lanier became the first African-American to star in a predominantly Caucasian sit-com. "Everybody loves Raynard" was a success on public access cable channels in Memphis, Tennessee , Augusta, Georgia , and certain areas in Watts. H.B. played the role of "Raynard", a hard-working janitor at a Jewish Fellowship Hall adopted by a Jewish family at the age of 2. "Raynard" grew up thinking that he was caucasian. He based this on the fact that he knew no blacks and he grew up so poor that he didnt have mirrors. He was also told that his complexion was due to the fact that he stayed on the swings at grandma's house too long and should have went in when the other kids came in. Despite all the misleading falsehoods that were given to "Raynard" on the show he never could figure out why his comb didnt flow through his hair like "Steve" and Bobby's" combs did. He also didnt know why his "brothers" "Steve" and "Bobby" had those kinds of ordinary names and he had a name like "Raynard". The show lasted for 3 years and the final episode took place in 1976 when "Raynard" meet his real mother, "Nilah" and couldnt take the fact that she looked so much like the lady on the cream of wheat box. "Raynard" ran away and was never seen again.

As for H.B. Lanier's career, it never amounted to much. He had a stint as a stunt double for Carl Weathers in the early 80's but got tired of wearing those tight jeans and maintaining that shag.