Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Music News
by Salvador Gabor

Buckwheat Zydeco released his album "Down Home Live" yesterday. Buckwheat, born Stanley Dural jr., was born in Lafeyette, LA and his new album reflects his journeys across the world and the steps he takes to going back home. Throughout his 20 years of performing, recording and touring, Buckwheat has seen many sights and throughout that tenure he never forgot about home.

The first single, "Come on in this here kitchen" is a song that reflects his love for the kitchen which is a staple of African-American socialism in this south. While frying fatback meat and stewing hogmaws, many convos have been brought about in the kitchen. A video was scheduled to be shot for this single but the old house in Lafeyette that Buck grew up in wasnt sturdy enough for the bulk of workers needed for the video shoot. Also Buck's uncle "Uncle Toolie" wouldnt move outta the back room for the 2 or 3 days needed to set up cameras and shoot the video.

After the first single fans can look forward to other singles such as "Drink up, Be merry" featuring Rick James, "In my Jean outfit" and "According to my Accordian". This is another supreme album for Buck and proves more and more that Malaco Records is on the cutting edge of the Music industry

Local News
by Salvador Gabor

"Stocky Tim" and "Black Jesse" from the Savannah Terrace Mob were arrested yesterday. These two are being linked to the Citywide "Numbers" ring which is illegal due to the strict laws in Washington D.C.. "Stocky Tim" was arrested when sources close to him revealed to 8th District Police that "Stocky T" (as he is known in the streets) took bets on Special Olympics races. "Stocky T" was said to have put fear in the hearts of the racers and so much so that at the start of one race, one participant did not move.

"Black Jesse" on the other hand was arrested when a story was leaked that he took bets on 10 and Under Girls Basketball games, Freshman and Junior Varsity High School Lacrosse games and the odds on whether or not Bryant Gumbel would win a "Black People's Show" Award which will be held in May at the Martin Luther King Jr. Ave Civic Center in Washington, D.C.

Details have not be released on the arraignment of these two suspects but word is that their mommas are putting together a bake sale to get some monies for their sons to be released on bail.