Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Movie Review
by Salvador Gabor

"Finding Kito" is a "straight to VHS/BETA" movie starring Malachi Winbush as "Kito". "Kito" finds himself caught up in the drug game selling heroin on the streets of Newport News, Virginia. "Kito" is arrested for an Unauthorized Use of a Ford Previa on Interstate 64. The Previa contained a small portion of heroin. Not enough for a felony charge but enough for a misdemeanor and a trip to the Norfolk Jail for a night. He is released on bail and is scheduled to go to court in a month's time.

Kito reports to court, receives a year's probation and is scheduled to take urines every wednesday. But you know how niggas are!!!!! Everyday he outside on Warwick Blvd, Martell bottle in one hand, a J of hash in the other. He obviously doesnt care. He still goes to take urines on Wednesday. He called himself drinking ONE glass of water to clean his system on Tuesday night. Essentially he was given an ultimatum. After 8 straight dirty urines, he is threatened to be "stepped back" to the Newport News Jail. He then misses the rest of his urine dates and is "on the run".

This movie is your typical drug dealer movie minus the love story that ends in domestic violence or death by a driveby. I rate this movie at 3 out of 5. Malachi Winbush is not an experienced actor and there were scenes where the director was seen in the corner of the screen handing him the script. Also the microphone often time was seen dropping into the screen and Malachi was often talking with his head upward so that he could speak into the camera.

This is Salvador Gabor reporting from the movies. Look forward to future movie features such as "Layaway", the prequel to "Paid in Full" and "The Life and Times of Dirty Dougie". This report is sponsored and has been brought to you by "Richard's Round Trees", the only spot in Greensboro, NC where you can find a Christmas Tree in June.