Wednesday, February 25, 2004

The Ghost of "Pleasure's" Past
by Gartrelle W. Sexton, Esquire

Just a little reality check for the fellas. We say it time and time again, "strap up". We say we do it every time, but do we really? How many of us have been to the clinic? How many of us have had the unpleasurable experience of having a q-tip stuck in the eye of your member? Now that's real. Real pain. How many of us have had to endure that week long wait for our HIV test? Long week ain't it?

You say to yourself that you gonna kill the chick that gave it to you if you got something. But what chick? You start thinking about every girlfriend and one night stand that you've been with. You think about the few times you went raw dog and Lil Jon'd up in that cooter. You start thinking about the random stripper that performed sexual "activities" at that bachelor party. Oh yeah, you forgot you can catch the alphabets from those "activities" didn't you?

You start praying more than ever, lying to God about how you gonna be more careful and go to church every Sunday. You probably got so scared that you wished you were still a virgin. Wishing that you just had gonorrhea or the clap. For that whole week, your lady been wanting to give you some, but
you talking about you tired. Nigga, you scared. Scared that you died for some "pleasure". It's powerful.

So a week goes by and you go to get your results. You are sweating and talking to yourself on the drive over. Paranoid ain't the word to describe you. You nervous like Sadaam when they pulled him outta that foxhole. So you get your results. Everything is negative, you have a clean bill of health. Right? Don't forget, AIDS can law low in your body for as long as 6 years. But hey they said you are good to go. You are are disease free and think you are invincible again. And what do you know, you have another
bachelor party to go to this weekend.

Announcement from BOSHA (Burnt Out Strippers & Hooker Association):

To all tricks & Johns and lonely men at the club,

We did not, do not, will not like or love you. We did not, will not, won't ever ever give you some unless you pay for it. You losers have messed up the game for all the real brothers out there. We, the whores, are supposed to be free. But since you feel obligated to pay for it, we can't give away for free anymore. You are not doing "big things" because you had sex with one of my fellow stripper/hooker sistren. We just have low/no self-esteem, abuse problems, and bills to pay. So next time you are out there trickin'
your dough for a cheap thrill, remember that pleasure kills.