Thursday, February 26, 2004

by Salvador Gabor

I've been really wanting to go see "The Passion of the Christ". Not because of the hype that the media has dropped on the movie. I just want to see it in order to understand where Mel Gibson may be coming from. He's taking a story told to him and creating a visual based on what he knows and has heard. I think when it comes down to it, thats really what this movie is all about.

I believe in Jesus Christ, I believe he is our savior and I believe he died so that we could have eternal life. Thats my belief and you can kill me if you dont like it. But if you dont believe what I believe or what Mel Gibson believes then just dont go see the movie. Even if you do believe in Jesus Christ as our savior, but you are offended by the movie, just dont go see it. Mel Gibson is not a preacher, nor does he profess to be the perfect saint. I mean.......he had the nerve to do 3 or 4 Lethal Weapons, 1 and 2 were ENOUGH. But anyway, this movie is HIS perception of a story. If I saw "pee-wee" and "Tay" fighting on Georgia Avenue, I have a right to tell what I saw??? Dont I? I mean ok maybe "Pee-Wee" didnt get knocked down by "Tay's" punch? Maybe it was that when "Tay" swung, "Pee-Wee" stepped back and slipped on a plastic pork-rind bag and thats what made him fall? But its MY story. If you dont wanna hear my story, then go ask "Black Rick" an em down at thet corner store what happened between "Tay" and "Pee-Wee".

The whole point being, its a movie. Respect the time that was put into it and the artform. If its not your belief or opinion, move on. Life is similar to holding on to something...........if you wanna keep holding on...........YOU GOTTA GETTA GRIP!

Business News
by Salvador Gabor

It is a sad day for all Gucci Bucket Hat owners and people who bought brown jeans for intentions of only putting G's all over their jeans. Tom Ford, designer for Gucci is stepping down from his position at Gucci. After over 10 years of taking all you niggas' money, he is deciding to call it quits.

Tom Ford came to Gucci to revamp the legacy that Gucci had established decades ago. Once a child actor, Ford was successful in bringing Gucci back into the thick of the fashion industry. With stock options in the company worth $250 Million we are sure that Tom will be well-off without the paychecks from Gucci. Many of his fashion counterparts and competitors were saddened by his move but were happy for him. He is rumored to venture into the film industry now that he is leaving fashion.