Friday, January 23, 2004

Success Connection Tip of the Week
By Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

"Success can be measured in Waffles sold, and lost in bread with mold"

--Dr. Jake Winslow, Owner of Waffle House#10, Richmond,VA--

Oftentimes a niggas' greatest obstacle, is the obstacle embedded in social fopas
generated in the Southern United States. Racism and malicious stagnation can
be the unjust justification for stunted growth of an otherwise confident
negro. here are a few tidbits to help unstagnate the ingrown situation.

*First be confident, never let anyone steal your joy, or your bottom ho.
*Let them know u know what they do, and that aint and wont fly.
*Make them aware of two things, one u r black and I mean a nigga; and two that a
wet bird flys at night.
*And last but not least always take your pistol to an interview.

Source: Booga Jones Success Seminars.
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