Monday, January 26, 2004

Sal's Corner
"Shout Outs"

Yeah Yeah Yeah, I just wanna holla at some folk that dont get their respectable credit in our society. Now on shout-outs, most people shout out Mom and Dad and the neighborhood crew you claim. Yall know this is Sal's Corner.....and we gotta put a twist on things now dont we!!!

*Shout out to all the females in nursing school, wearing the scrubs, with the white reebok princesses/k-swiss, and the still look fly wit da Fendi bag and the Red Coloring in their hair

*Shout out to all my fellas still video-recording their Madden games on Playstation. Runnin it back and seeing where they made mistakes, you know how they do

*Shout out to all the recently released ex-convicts coming home and going to church the first two weeks, then hitting the club every week for then on out

*Shout out to all the ladies working downtown and STILL messing with Thug dudes. He drop you off on 17th and K and pick you up at 5:30. He keep the Acura TL and drive around and drop off lunch to all his other chicks while you down at the Baja Grill

*Shout out to all the men who gotta room in their house where nobody else is allowed. About the only room your wife aint decorated pink or purple

*Shout out to my peoples who travel with Mix-Matched luggage. You got initials in his suitcases that aint even your initials. Bought them joants from the flea market. Oh yeah shout out to my dudes still packing clothes in plastic bags. I see you homie

*Shout out to all the homies that sign up for the police force but request to be assigned to a different Ward so they aint gotta lock up the dudes they grew up wit.

*Shout out to all Sugar Daddies and old men over 50 that own a Cadillac DTS and/or a S Class benz. Yall give me something to look forward to.

*Shout out to amateur rappers. They are the worst. Amateur rap never sounds good to me and Im NOT gonna buy your CD outside of McDonalds at Howard Homemcoming

*(For all "Ole Skool" Hampton Alumni......if you came down in '98 or behind)......Shout out to the lil dude who worked in the old Union who drove the Motorcycle. I thought he was retarded until I seen em ride out on the 2-wheeler

*(last but not least) Shout out to my men wearing versace belts and prada shoes with the Claybrooke suits though.