Monday, January 19, 2004

Sal's Corner
"Martin Luther The Kang"

On this great day in history we are "supposed" to celebrate Martin Luther King's birthday. His birth should almost be like Christmas to us black folks. He died for us just like Jesus did. Im not saying Martin Luther King is Jesus but we need to give the man a lil more respect than we do these days. We dog that man something serious nowadays. Yall know how we do.........

* We use this holiday as "just another day off". He made it so yall funky tails could work amongst white people and thats all we do is be glad we off. Glad we got one less farecard to use this week. We can save some money by eating some leftover pig feet from yesterday. Shame on ya!

* We use this holiday to promote our parties. All these clubs sending out holiday party emails. Martin Luther the Kang did not die so that we could fall up in the club on a Sunday and drink Hypnotik till our lips turn blue. He did not die so you could wear that tight dress and keep pullin' it down and wonder why that guy wit dat fake coogi sweater had the nerve to grab your butt.

* We use this holiday to schedule basketball games during the day. I admit I want tickets to the Wizards/Bulls game. And by the time yall read this I might be down AT the MCI Center. But if anything the NBA should be off on MLK day.

Sidebar: What happened to the Martin Luther King movies that used to come on? The Paul Winfield joants. Thats how I knew about MLK. Not through no textbook. I thought Paul Winfield WAS Martin Luther King for a while. It took me a long time to adjust to him being the landlord on 227. But thats whats wrong wit these kids now. They need afterschool specials about drugs and more MLK movies.

* We use this holiday to get some "action". Stop playing dumb........I wont define what "action" is. Some of yall use MLK day to fall up in da club and THEN fall up in something else. Martin Luther King would much rather you wake up on his b-day next to YO' WIFE and not some trick off the street.

* We use this holiday to work. Some of yall are temping on these jobs. Yall know temps dont get leave or holiday pay. Yall got the nerve to be MAD that yall are off. Talkin bout "If you need me to come in Mrs. Becker I certainly will". Stop that

So on this holiday pick up a book on MLK, watch his "I have a dream" speech or ride your local metro bus and tell that busdriver "IM sitting on the front of this HERE bus cause the KANG made it so that I can!". This is my corner and Im glad I can share it with you. "Lord Willin, 'Rome feelin". Oh yeah Happy Birthday Michelle! I love you big sis.