Thursday, January 15, 2004

"History Moment"
By Reggie Dinkins Jr.

Today's moment in Nigga History has been brought to u by McDowells, "why get a Big Mac, when u can get a Big Mc".

it was on this day in 1935, when the NCCAP (National Colored Caucaus of Athletic Progress) came up with the original idea to decide a national basketball champion in collegiate sports. some of the charter members included Alabama A&M, Fisk, Jackson State, Hampton, Howard and St. Augustine's. Then President of Jackson State University, Dr. LeCharles Rollark came up with the idea of an 8-team tourney to claim the rights to the nation's top honor.

The tournament was to be held in Tennessee at the renown Boodrum Collesium off of Interstate 10. The tournament was a big success and 2 universities were invited to complete the 8-team format: Virginia Union and Texas A&I. Jackson State was the eventual winner as they defeated St. Augustines in the championship game, due to a questionable call. St Augustines star player C. Jameson, made a bucket while fouled, to put his team with in 1. however with 2.2 remaining on the clock, the clock continued to run, and the game ended with Jackson State ahead 108-107.

the suspicion circled around Rollark, which caused a huge frakas and the tourney faced disbanment, but the idea was adopted by Kentucky and they implemented it on a national level, but blocking us niggas from playing in the process. However the original 8 charter schools served to be innovators for the NCAA and The Barry Farms' Goodman League Summer Classic. January 15th, a day of greatness and conspiracy, as are so many others.

"anything prior to previous cannot exist because previous is and was priors beginning"
-Reggie Dinkins, Jr-