Thursday, January 22, 2004

"Don't Call It a Comeback..."
by Lonnie "Ice" Kolberg

...Because we have definitely been here before. That "here" is players or coaches coming back to "scratch that itch." By comeback, I mean one that has retired and wants to return to the game or is going back to their roots again. We see it every offseason. Some of them should have scratched their itch by rubbing their back against the corner of the wall like Michael Jordan just to name one. Others are getting the job done. In baseball, Pete Rose is still trying to make a comeback even after several years of lies and a permanent ban for gambling as a manager. His comeback to manage or coach is unrealistic, but he should still be inducted into the Hall of Fame as a player. He should never manage or coach again because he crossed the line but not as a player. He deserves credit though because he is making money(his book) off of the sport that made money off of him. Kudos to Rose... In basketball, Larry Bird went back to Indiana and Roy Williams traveled back down Tobacco Road to UNC. Both are having successful seasons, but we have been here before too with these guys. Regular season success seems easy to these two, but it is the big game that always gets them hung up. I will wait until June and April respectively to pass judgement, but don't bet on them winning the big ones. There might be another MJ sighting before that happens. Will we see MJ again in the front office?... In football, Dan Marino went back to the only organization he knows in a front office position in Miami. Now we get a chance to see if all those passing yards mean he can evaluate talent and put a team together. He couldn't do it as a player, but now that he has more control maybe he can do it as an executive. The other comeback that I want to discuss that the whole world is discussing is Joe Gibbs. Yes, by now you have heard, Joe Gibbs is back. He left his empire in Nascar to comeback to football. He is one of the best coaches ever in the game. The question will be can he lead the Redskins to the top again with free agency, a salary cap, and other new rules. One thing for sure, he instilled hope and some fresh air to a organization that was on life support. That is what happens when a big name comes back. The organization is revitalized. Fans come out of nowhere. The bandwagon is upgraded to the full-sized model. Every year changes are made whether to personel, coaching staff, or executives to give a new life and hope to the players and more importantly the fans. Lets all see how this new hope pans out...Until next time be safe... "Ice K".