Tuesday, January 13, 2004

"Business Cents"
By Salvador Gabor and Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

We here at the Salvador Gabor Project understand that its our job to provide you with the necessary resources, tools and avenues for success. This is not JUST a website for jokes. We want to provide you guys with some sort of knowledge on how to get, maintain and maximize a job. Before you can get a job you must have a resume'. You must also find the right job for YOU. So I decided to do a "mock" version of a job advertisement and Reggie did a "mock" resume' for you guys to take as an example for your trek in job searching. This is free so dont think that you owe us a dime.


The Montana Avenue Department of Drug Transportation is now excepting applicants between the ages of 13-23. The preference is african-american males although other applicants suited for street activity and lifestyle are welcome to join with their own discretion. Applicants with High School Diplomas are not excepted in the program. Diplomas are considered contraband and can deter the lessons learned in the streets.

*An Oral Essay on what the Rayful Edmunds empire meant to you

*Must be able to pass the firearm/foreign object test

*Background Checks (If you are not registered to a Probation Officer a 6 month grace period is allowed to be enrolled)

*Ability to hide narcotics and or yourself in various compartments of Mercury Grand Marquis

This is only an entry-level position. The Montana Ave. Dept. of Drug Transportation is a subsidiary of the Saratoga/Brentwood/Montana conglamorate and the structure for this position has yet to be defined

For resume reviewal you can stop by 14th and Saratoga Ave and leave resumes with Deon's Grandma who sits in the window of the third building on the right. No Phone calls, pages or one on one talks with our workers at the picture booth in the club

Yours Truly
"Man-Man" of the Montana Crew


Alfred James Spivey

Education: Clifton Terrace & University
Masters: Urban Survival, Street Math
Bachelors: Arsenal Management, Packaging Specialization


14th & Girard
Summer 1987
Junior Sales Apprentice

Responsible for packaging materials, sealing packages, worked collectively to enhance obstacle awareness.

Sherman Ave Gun Club
Summer 1990
Summer Internship

Responsible for maintaining pistol inventory. Invoiced gun club members for special D.E. weekly payment plans.

Garfield Terrace
Jr Sales Manager

Coordinated Jr Salesmen in a 2block radius. Maintained inventory for third floor. Provided security equipment for Jr Salesmen. Spearheaded marketing pieces for sales associates.

#10 Recreational Activity Center, 14th & Barry
Spring 1995
Marketing Associate

worked on promotional tactics in the center. responsible for creating new niches within the Center.

3500 Commission Building
Summer 1995
Exchange Security Foreman Intern

Secured 3rd Floor Sales Offices of Suite 309 inside 3500 Commission Building. Managed Police awareness for Suite 309. Overseer of Foreign Trading within the Commission Building.

The Belmont Mall
Program Coordinator

Responsible for many Jr Sales Associates. Spearheaded Arsenal Management Departement. Assistant to HNIC of Product Distribution.

Proficient in knife fights, slap-boxing, going-2-the-body, 9mm distance shooting.

Member of the U Street Gun Union, #10 Distributors Hall of Fame.

Expert in person-to-person car removal, barter car rental (rocks for a lincoln).

Accomplished Street Ninja, veteran in the Urban Martial Arts