Tuesday, January 27, 2004

"Bidness News"
Salvador Gabor

This is Salvador Gabor reporting live from the "New York Crack Exchange". Today we will give you tips and strategies on how to make your "bidness" work for you.

* Always wear briefs when out on the "pound". When you are conducting "bidness" make sure that you have a safe and secure place to tuck away your narcotic. Some prefer sliding "crack" bags in the seat of their drawls. Wearing briefs prevents unnecessary movement of your inventory in your groin area. You have to be able to attain your product quickly because of the fierce competition

* Establish your own place in that particular neighborhood that solidifies who you are and what you are selling. If the rest of the fellas are selling "BUSH" weed over by Mrs. Odelle's back yard, you come around that corner and sell your "fire green" outside of Miss Alberta's apartment in the building.

* Network with several narcotic entreprenuers. Nothing is worst than your "crack strip" being dry and the local supplier/wholesaler is fresh out of what you need. Maintain contacts with vendors across your city. You never know when you have to make a trip all the way uptown or over on the southside for your "bidness" expenses

In local Narcotic Entreprenuerial news, the price of a "J" went down from $10 per "J' to $5. Due to the inclimate weather, local hustlers are scurrying to get their bags off and get out of the cold. A Dub bag of skunk would normally only provide 2 to 3 "J's". This week local vendors are selling bigger bags to rid themselves of their inventory

In national news, The 4th Annual Harlem World Convention for PCP vendors was a success. Held at corner of 125th & Amsterdam, this event was a sight to be seen. Various topics such as "Police to Vendor dialogue", "How to use your one call at the jail successfully", "How to buy out office space in Chinese Carryouts" and "What to do when two prospective buyers approach at once" were discussed.

That's all for now people

(Also 'Rome is back............ www.freshtodeath.blogspot.com )