Wednesday, January 21, 2004

"The 1-5 Millionaires' Retreat"
by Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

Urgent! Criminally Sensitive. Coke Plentiful
Dear Nigga:

Unless your want to lose out on possibly $2,000 in one month, take a
glimpse at a note from a clut of uptown pimps.

Hi my name is Lumis Quartey. Maybe u remember me from such books as
"How to Treat a Ho like a tramp" or "Doosh Your Brain or it too Will Reek
of Bad aroma" This along with many trainings i have conducted in the Upper
Northwest gratos and shalays are sure to unknowingly sudue ladies into a
very profitable month of January.

I have been asked by many "businessmen" to help them achieve maximum
earning potential. I often tell them to clear their mind, put their tricks on
the track and properly weigh all their crack. in addition to these
somewhat simple techniques one must understand the nigga that lies

Determining just how sinister one is can matriculate a paper trail longer
than a Luke Video full of tail.

This weekend i will be leading a retreat to the exotic forest of
Northwest DC, the jungle of 15 & Monroe, home of the 1-5 Millionaires. this
retreat will have special "Key"note Speakers:

* "Griff" of 15th & V will lead a
seminar on aggression management

* Moncrief the leading coefficient of Petworth's FBI will spearhead a session on female evaluation and

* Clyde Rigsby of Parkland Gardens will conduct a survey
session on neighborhood reparations.

*And I (YES ME)....... Yours Truly Reggie Dinkins will be hosting the affair on the pink carpet!

In order to attend please reserve your spot IMMEGIATELY. A sign-in
sheet is available at the Madness Shop, a non-refundable fee of $500 is required
per signee.

"Start your summer off right because dont nothing beat a retreat not even a
dwarf round 3feet"
--Retreat Graduate '87 Clarence "Mighty" Moore--

This is your "cat in the hat" Reggie Dinkins Jr.